Music can make the day unforgettable and worth remembering but it can also, no doubt, irreversibly ruin it. It is actually so powerful that it manipulates the mood and emotions of the guests and can encourage them to dance and evoke feelings of joy and happiness, while on the other hand it can entice them to sit and look at the clock.

The job of a wedding DJ starts long before guests enter the wedding hall and lasts until the last one, the one in the ‘best mood’, leaves the hall. A wedding DJ is in fact a coordinator of good entertainment and our role starts with our first contact. Creating a schedule, preparing music and agreeing on the music playlist with the bride and groom, loading equipment, installing and testing it, adjusting the lighting, all this precedes pressing the small and magic ‘play’ key. It is then that the show starts.

Why should you


We are aware of the responsibility that you entrust us with and we give the best of ourselves in order to meet your expectations and those of the guests for this special event. We will fulfil all your musical wishes by consulting you in the selection of songs and respecting your ideas and desires. If you hire us, it is our responsibility to relieve you of stress and worry about the loudspeaker and lighting system and we will make sure that you have a great time. We are there to make this truly special day UNIQUE!



We approach the newlyweds with utmost attention knowing that we are an important link in creating what is most important: a good atmosphere and top entertainment. We are aware of the responsibility that you entrust us with on your big day and we will make sure to make all your musical wishes and requests come true.

Respecting the agreement, loudspeaker system, lighting and abiding by the agreed terms – it is all our job. Having hired us, you no longer have to think about it.



Knowledge and skills are a must for excellent entertainment and top performance. Being a DJ is more than a job for us. It includes love and art. We offer balanced combinations of musical styles for all ages.

The greatest hits will sound just like you like them and your favourite song will motivate you to sing and dance. We respect your personal taste in music and budget and we adjust to your guests and their wishes.



Being familiar with most varied music and combining different music genres, we will make even the ’coldest’ guest, who does not want to leave his comfy chair, dance. The goal is primarily to fulfil the expectations of the bride and the groom because then we can also be certain that we have fulfilled the expectations of mums and dads, aunts and uncles, grandmas etc.



The loudspeaker system and lighting for weddings is a valuable and expensive equipment. Therefore, we will advise you in selecting it. In the wide range of our high-quality audio and lighting equipment, choose the one that most suits your budget and the size of the space where you plan your wedding to take place.

What else do


You may wish to hire us only for a few hours or for the whole night until the dawn. No problem! Feel free to comment on the hits that you would like to hear and let us know which songs you do not want to hear. Forward us your music wish list with the songs that we simply must play. We also need to know the songs and music that you do not want to hear at all. We listen to your wishes and requests for the special day.


Festive dinners, gatherings, receptions, sports or cultural events, whatever the occasion, our energy is always at the appropriate level and our service is most professional. We take over the entire organisation of the loudspeaker system, lighting and, of course, the DJ job.


The importance of a great DJ is exceptional. A DJ is the wheel that moves the guests of your club/bar and it is up to the DJ to ensure that their mood and entertainment are superb. Good music is a direct advertisement for your club and, therefore, we do not leave anything to chance. We create a great vibe and party together!


The primary goal is to entertain your friends and create an excellent atmosphere that will be a topic for conversation for many days. Good music is always the star of the evening regardless of the people, entertainment and place. Therefore, let us sing, dance and rejoice with good music at the party until dawn.