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Having completed the primary school, I was very interested in music. I did my research, educated myself and collected knowledge on DJ basics and the role of a DJ. I spent days and days with DJ computer programmes, surfing the Internet and collecting music. Today being a DJ is my hobby and I go about it with passion and joy.

Already during the first public appearances, I realised that the role of a DJ is much more than pressing DJ controller keys. I realised that the role of a true DJ is exceeds playing songs or making everyone rejoice at several well-known hits. I learned how to connect different music genres and adjust the music according to the needs and musical taste of the guests and have everyone on the dance floor.

In the following years, numerous performances at private parties and in disco clubs followed. In the past 6-7 years, I focused mostly on weddings and having the bride, the groom and their guests be happy. The reason for this is the intimate atmosphere of the newlyweds, their relatives and people they love as well as their friends, all of whom comprise one big family.

Today, after a DJ career of 16 years, I look into the past and understand that I have chosen the right path, a path where entertaining others is, in fact, the entertainment and fulfilment of myself.

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Careful planning of the playlist according to the instructions and wishes of the newlyweds, an appropriate loudspeaker system matching the environment and space, a tasteful and adjusted lighting – all of this will make your day a day to remember.

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We are aware of the responsibility that you entrust us with and we give the best of ourselves in order to meet your expectations and those of the guests for this special event. We will fulfil all your musical wishes by consulting you in the selection of songs and respecting your ideas and desires. If you hire us, it is our responsibility to relieve you of stress and worry about the loudspeaker and lighting system and we will make sure that you have a great time. We are there to make this truly special day UNIQUE!

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The job of a wedding DJ starts long before the guests enter the wedding hall and lasts until the last and most ‘amused’ guest leaves it. A wedding DJ in fact coordinates the entertainment and his role starts with your first contact. Creating a schedule, preparing music and agreeing on the music playlist with the bride and groom, transporting the equipment, installing and testing it, and lighting installation, all this has to be done before the DJ presses the magic key – ‘play’. The actual show starts there.



Lighting is an important part of the DJ equipment and good entertainment. It creates a special atmosphere, improves the entire ambience and even manipulates with the mood of the guests. We have a most modern lighting equipment that will make your wedding hall special.


A loudspeaker system for weddings is valuable and expensive and, therefore, we will advise you in selecting it. In the wide range of our high-quality audio equipment, choose and rent the one that most matches your budget and the size of the hall where you plan your wedding to take place.

Let the most beautiful moments of your life


The role of a wedding DJ is to not only play songs, make everyone rejoice at several well-known hits and direct the lights towards the dance floor. We know how to connect different music genres, adjust the music according to the needs and wishes of the newlyweds, meet the musical taste of the youngest guest all the way to the eldest grandma in the hall and make even those guests who never leave the ‘safe zone’ of their comfortable seats come to the dance floor.

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You may wish to hire us only for a few hours or for the whole night until the dawn. No problem! Feel free to comment on the hits that you would like to hear and let us know which songs you do not want to hear.

Forward us your music wish list with the songs that we simply must play. We also need to know the songs and music that you do not want to hear at all. We listen to your wishes and requests for the special day.

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