DJ Weddings


1. How many weddings have you been a DJ at?

I had the opportunity and honour to be the DJ at over 60 weddings.

2. How many songs do you have in your repertoire?

My song repertoire, particularly at weddings, is exceptionally large. The reason for this is the varied demographics of the guests. People prefer the music from the region they come from.

3. Will a contract be signed when ‘purchasing’ the DJ services?

Of course, we will sign a contract and both parties (you and I) get a signed counterpart.

4. Does the DJ performance include a loudspeaker system and lighting?

The loudspeaker system and lighting can be rented according to agreement. We offer it and you can rent it separately.

5. Do you have the ‘leading’ role at our wedding, i.e. do you announce the first dance, the cake-cutting etc.?

Of course, we will design the entire wedding/party and will entertain the guests.

6. Before our wedding, can we come to one of the weddings where you are the DJ so as to see what it looks like?

Since weddings are private in their nature, it is possible to be there but only upon agreement with the newlyweds (hosts).

7. Can we propose our own music playlist for the wedding?

Of course, you can suggest your own music playlist for the wedding.

8. Do you have spare equipment in case that something goes wrong?

Yes, we do have a spare equipment for weddings and we always provide backup of the entire equipment.

9. Is it possible for guests to order music during the evening?

If that is fine with the newlyweds, why not? 😉

10. Do you respect the wedding dress code?

Yes, I respect the dress code and dress according to the occasion.

11. Do you require advance payment when booking/confirming the date?

Yes, paid advance and signed contract are a sign of your confirmation and the date.